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2019 Charity Catfish Tournament

Print out and read the complete rules for this tournament.  Then print out and complete the registration and/or sponsorship form.  Either form can then be mailed to the address on the form or uploaded below.  Use the DONATE button above to pay for your entry fees or Sponsorship via PAYPAL.  Please put team name in the comments section.

This year we are teaming up with Texas Trophy Catfish Association for this event.

TXTCA is a 501(3)c organization 

Through the practice of CPR (Catch, Photo and Release), fishermen are able to protect and preserve trophy catfish for generations to come.
In addition to CPR, we must educate others of the problems we are facing with the declining trophy Catfish population and encourage action to work towards better state regulations.

Through spreading awareness, educating others, and practicing CPR, we can make a difference to have a positive impact for the future while creating lifelong memories for children and professional anglers alike.

TXTCA has also started the Kids Fish Fest events to open the door to fishing to children within our communities.